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There’s a scene in the movie ‘Walk the Line’ about Jonny Cash where a record producer asks the at that time unknown Jonny Cash to stop playing the song he was playing. The record producer was bored with the song Cash was playing.

Instead, he asks Cash “If you were hit by a truck, lying in the street, and had time to play just one song before you died, what song would you play? “

Cash stops. Thinks for a bit, then plays Folsom Blues, gets the record contract and the rest is history.

That’s how I approach Your Weekend Reading (YWR).

This is not a weekly accumulation of financial news. News has it’s place, but it’s not actually that valuable. Connecting the dots is valuable. Creating perspective is valuable. Seeing the future is valuable.

Each week I take everything I see in the financial markets from the people I am meeting, the research I am reading, data analysis and 20+ years of hedge fund investing experience to put together a post that is different and value added and ideally helps you to make money.

Each week I do the Jonny Cash test and ask myself, ‘What would that post be?’

I look forward to meeting you.

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