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YWR: The Bull Case for Africa


I see an inflection point in Africa and positives unfolding, but nobody is paying attention.

This week was the Africa-Italy Summit in Rome. As part of the event an Italian website working on a story asked if I could write a few comments on whether I thought there were investment opportunities in Africa. Thinking about how to respond and what to write forced me to go back and review the themes and charts from ‘The Bull Case for Africa’, a book I wrote.

But it also made me think maybe this is a question we should all review. Especially, with sentiment so terrible towards Africa and EM in general.

In the video I go through the top themes, charts and opportunities from the book.

If you are a subscriber there are links below to the presentation slides as well as free PDF version of the book!!

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YWR: Your Weekend Reading
YWR: Your Weekend Reading
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